About FutureAerospace

Developing Commercial Space Industry and Building Future Space Ecology

FutureAerospace is an innovative organization established in response to the national strategy of encouraging commercial space development. FutureAerospace brings together technical specialists and industrial experts of aerospace and related application fields from government agencies, State-controlled enterprises, private enterprises, colleges as well as scientific research institutes. Focus on the commercial space and advanced manufacturing industries, the aim of FutureAerospace is to gather the wisdom from these specialists and to build an authoritative expert think tank and industry media, brings together the enterprises along the industry chain to provide customers with turnkey in-orbit delivery services, and building a projects incubation and financing platform to contribute to the development of the national commercial space industry. Currently, the headquarter of FutureAerospace is located in Beijing, with presence in Xiong’an, Xi’an, Changsha and Hainan.

Industrial-Think Tank

Industry Research

Research and Investment Report on the Development of Commercial Space Industry

2017-2018 Investment in China’s Commercial Space sector

Project Report

Projects Evaluation and Demonstration Report

Wifi Constellation Project Evaluation and Demonstration Report

Enterprise Ranking

Ranking of commercial space start-ups

2018 China Top Thirty Commercial Space start-ups

Industrial Events

The 3rd China Space Day– The First China International Commercial Space Summit

On 23rd April 2018, Harbin, China, Summit was hosted by FutureAerospace and Harbin Institute of Technology, supervised by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and People's Government of Heilongjiang Province.

2018 International Salon of Commercial Space Industry Development and Investment

This salon was jointly hosted by the Penn Wharton China Center and FutureAerospace. The salon also invited several pioneer commercial space companies to discuss the future prospects and investment opportunities of commercial space industry.

The First Silk Road Commercial Space Summit

On 10th November, 2018, Xi’an, China, The First Silk Road Commercial Space Summit is host by FutureAeroSpace in Xi’an. Around 200 guests were invited and over 30 medias covered the summit.

Strategy Seminar on Hainan Free Trade Port and Commercial Aerospace Industry Development

FutureAerospace initiated the first China Commercial Space Industry Alliance with more than 100 companies from all the nation. The alliance not only attracted official research institutions such as Sanya Research Center of the Remote Sensing and Digital Earth Institution, but also many well-known commercial space start-ups.

Industrial Fund

The FutureAerospace Industrial Fund, collaborating with local governments, focusing on investing in the private high-growth start-ups in commercial space sector, covering the fields of rockets manufacturing and launching, satellite design and manufacturing, satellite TT&C, satellite application, satellite communication operation, satellite remote sensing and financial services.

Investment strategy

Main investment areas
High-tech represented by commercial space sector
Technical advantages
Game-changing and disruptive technologies
Industry chain
Investing upstream and downstream of the space industry chain
Passionate entrepreneurs from stated-owned enterprises and those with overseas background

Industrial Innovation Center

FutureAerospace collaborates with renowned universities and research institutes to build an innovation center for space science and technology

Industrial Accelerator

FutureAerospace helps building comfortable and convenient daily working places for start-ups, and providing entrepreneurship consulting services, business management training, resource docking and other services to stimulate the growth of new space start-ups.

Space café
Facilitating collaboration and exchanges

Innovation center
Collaborative platform for college and enterprises

Space experience center

Working area
Road show and conference hall etc.

Industry Cluster

With the new generation of space technology and application as the core, the industrial cluster covers the entire industry chain of satellite manufacturing, satellite launching, satellite operation and satellite application.

Aerospace Industry Cluster

Covering the whole industry chain of satellite manufacturing, satellite launching, satellite operation and satellite application, aiming at becoming the top commercial space park in China.

The Commercial Space
Centre around the world

Building an international commercial space exhibition center and an international space property rights trading center, and build a brand of the China international commercial space to promote international space exchanges and development.

Space Tourism Center

Integrating space manufacturing factories with cultural tourism, promote the spirit of China's space industry, and build a world-class space science educational base and space tourism center.